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Expanded on the hill above Toroneos Gulf and with a breathtaking view of the horizon of the Aegean, between the ends of Sithonia and Kassandra, Afitos (Athytos) retains the title of the most traditional settlement among the tourist resorts of Halkidiki. With a history of at least 5,000 years and the significant city of Pallini in ancient times, the muse of poets who walked in its stone streets remains a place of inspiration, traveling visitors centuries back in time with its symbolic architecture and stone houses-mansions of the 19th century.  

From its central square, where the church of Agios Dimitrios dominates, built-in 1859, to its sandy beach with clear blue waters, the tour is a unique experience, through the cobbled streets, narrow alleys, fairytale houses with wooden inscriptions, the traditional taverns and the modern tourist structures that have been created to satisfy every need of the visitors, without affecting the eternal aura of the village. The folklore museum, part of which is the building that houses it, presents important data for the life of the area and is recommended as a visit to get acquainted with the place, and the climb to the Rock, the balcony of Afytos, makes you forget your troubles and relax in the blue that reflects your eyes.

As a place of tourist attraction, Afytos is full of restaurants, bars, and cafes, providing sunbeds on its long beach but also places for those who wish to lay on the sand. The nightlife but also the festivals and celebrations organized by the residents during the summer months can satisfy every taste, while in short distances are Nea Fokea and the cosmopolitan Kallithea, which expand the options in entertainment.




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