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Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania is the largest urban center of Halkidiki, with great commercial and economic activity. It is located just before the entrance to the first leg of the peninsula and is connected to Thessaloniki via a comfortable, modern National Road, at 54 km. It has one of the largest fish ladders in the Mediterranean and is considered an important fishing center.

The city was built in 1923 by refugees from Mikra Asia living in Moudania. The vast olive grove outside the urban fabric, which welcomes visitors as it approaches Nea Moudania, is the same, eternal olive grove that was the reason for the founders to choose the place where they would build their new homeland, as they knew the art of olive cultivation and fishing. Today, the olives give a fascinating spectacle with their huge area in the plain and are a dynamic part of local production.

Economic activity covers all sectors. In Nea Moudania there are shops and a shopping center, banks, post offices, private clinics for every need, pharmacies, and public services, while there is sports infrastructure for all sports. The touristic character, as in the whole Prefecture, is increased, with dozens of bars, cafes, and taverns that specialize in fresh fish from the local fishing industry. It attracts tourists both as a destination and as a base for excursions to other resorts in the area, with a port with plenty of traffic.

The Mikra Asia Folklore Museum of Bithynia and the Museum of Fishing Boats and Tools enclose and tell the hundred-year history of the place and its founders, while a point of great interest is Panagia Koryfini, on an adjacent hill. The approximately ten thousand inhabitants of the city organize celebrations and events with consistency and passion, culminating the activity with the "Festival of the Sea" and the "Sardine Festival" in the summer.




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