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A small, picturesque village on the southeast side of Kassandra that feels like you're on an island. Narrow streets, hundreds of small shops for every choice in traditional products or modern items, many visitors throughout the tourist season, traffic, nightlife, and, above all, a vast, beautiful beach in front of it, one of the most beautiful in Halkidiki.

Built-in 1936 by the inhabitants of the old village, Haniotis (or "Hanioti", as it is also known) surprises with its possibilities in hospitality, despite its small size and the potential of approximately one thousand inhabitants. The verdant background of the forest around adds awe to the already enchanting corner that is bathed by the crystal clear waters of the entrance to the Gulf, while the walk to the traditional houses, along the entire length of the settlement, and the white sand of the beach, invites visitors to capture every one of its points with the different aspects of the view, to the capes of the peninsula, to the Aegean sunsets.




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