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Holy Monastery of Agia Anastasia

On the road that goes through Vasilika and leads to Halkidiki at the foot of Ombrianos, is the Monastery of Agia Anastasia Pharmakolytria. it was founded in888 by the empress Theofano, wife of Leontas VI Sofou, but the activity of the Monastery is located after its re-establishment by the monk Theonas, in 1522. The monastery was built by the later Metropolitan of Thessaloniki on the ruins old church and during the Ottoman period flourished spiritually and financially, until its destruction in 1789 and its burning in 1821 by the Turks.

The monastery had a significant contribution to the Revolution of 1821, when it was destroyed along with the villages of the area, in the context of the suppression of revolutionary activities under Kapetan Hapsa after the Battle of the Royals. During the 1830s, its Katholikon, a three-aisled basilica with a dome, was rebuilt as part of the renovation. From 1919 to 1971 it operated as an Ecclesiastical School. The Monastery celebrates on December 22, the feast of the homonymous saint and its protector.




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