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Stavronikita Tower

The Tower of Stavronikita on the hill of Sani has been in the area for almost 600 years. Built-in the late 14th or early 15th century, it was used as a fortification for the area of the Mount Athos Monastery of Stravonikita, founded in 1543, around the pre-existing tower. It is preserved in quite good condition and has a height of 10 meters on the west and 12 meters on its east side. 

The tower has a rectangular plan, with dimensions of 7.45 x 6.20 meters. It was built as a three-story building, with a strong structure, while on its upper part ramparts and crenels were created, as it functioned as a fortress for protection from pirates, as well as the dozens of towers of the time in Halkidiki.

In modern times, it is a great attraction in one of the most popular holiday resorts of the peninsula but also a special, medieval setting in the famous festival and events that are organized every summer in Sani.




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