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Nea Fokea Tower

A trademark of Nea Fokea is its Byzantine tower, which dominates the hill to the right of the port. The Tower of Nea Fokea, also known as the "Tower of Agios Pavlos" because it was a fortified structure that protected the area of the Mount Athos Monastery of Saint Pavlos, is the only one in Halkidiki that preserves its ramparts and is maintained in fairly good condition. Despite being set on fire in 1821 and the six centuries that have passed since its construction, it still stands overseeing the sea that once brought pirates to the area.

Built probably at the beginning of the 15th century, it is 17 meters high and is square, with sides of 7 meters. It served as the headquarters of Emmanuel Papa, leader of the Revolution of 1821 in Halkidiki. After the reconstruction of its roof in 1976, it offers an impressive spectacle, especially at night as it is lit by the sea. Next to it is the Church of the Holy Apostles, which is also part of the glebe, built-in 1868.


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