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Aristotle Grove

The unique theme park of Halkidiki was created in an already wonderful grove, which is itself an attractive destination for a walk in nature. The "Aristotle Park" in Stageira, dedicated to the great scientist of antiquity who was born there, is a fascinating place that combines entertainment, and learning, with a stunning view of the bay of Ierissos from an altitude of 500 meters.

Visitors - and especially young people, who are enthusiastic about space and infrastructure - have the opportunity to play and try instruments and devices that work according to the laws of Physics and are based on the writings of Aristotle, installed by local agencies in its area. The compass, the telescope, the prism, the sundial, the lens, the huge granite pentagon, the optical discs, the spheres of inertia, the fascinating turbine, the mirrors, and the pendulum, offer endless hours of entertainment, but also training in practice and bringing visitors close to the spirit of the great ancient philosopher.

The statue of Aristotle has been erected in the park since 1956, while special plaques with relevant verses give further information about each instrument. There is also the Byzantine Tower of Madam Aga, built around the 15th century. From the grove begins the wonderful walking path to Ancient Stageira, about 15 km long.




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