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The settlement of Olympiada was created in 1923 by refugees from Asia Minor, next to Ancient Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle. Built along the coast, in the natural harbor that forms the opening of Strymonikos Gulf, it is inhabited by about 700 people who are mainly engaged in tourism and fishing. Olympiada has become a popular tourist destination due to the beauty of the coast and the environment around the village, which is protected by the NATURA 2000 program. The settlement, which according to tradition was named after Alexander the Great's mother, has many clean and shallow shores, such as the blue flag awarded beach in front of the village and the nearby shores (Sykia, Kefalas, Proti Ammoudia, Vina, Zugla, Gourgourou) that one can discover among the natural coves and creeks of the area. At a distance of about 1km is the archeological site of Ancient Stageira, while from the point begins (or ends) a wonderful hiking trail of about 15 kilometers that connects it with the Aristotle Theme Park.

On the 7th of July, the famous two-day Mussel Festival is organized, at the same time as the celebration of the local church of Saint Kyriaki and themed events about Aristotle and his work. . Olympiada is a place of mass mussel production, and the fish taverns of the village are enough for a visit to taste the fresh seafood.




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