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The beaches of Halkidiki may be the most famous and popular destinations, but Holomontas, the imposing mountain that dominates the hinterland, is an area of ​​wild beauty and a natural gem that reaches up to 1165 meters. Full of imposing trees that grow very high on its slopes, with old oaks, walnuts, and pines in the lowest area, and the amazing view up higher in the mountain, which allows you to gaze in the endless blue Aegean and admire the three “feet” of the peninsula.

Many clearings filled with wildflowers, between the trees, change the landscape, while wild herbs, mountain tea, and oregano grow in large quantities. The area is also known for its mushrooms. The idyllic atmosphere that the various colors of the foliage create, is replaced by the absolute white of winter when the mountain is full of snow. Also known as "the mountain of Christmas", one of three Christmas trees is produced on its slopes.




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