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Ancient Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle, the greatest philosopher of antiquity, and teacher of Alexander the Great, is located about 500 meters southeast of the current village of Olympiada, on a small, mountainous peninsula called "Liotopi". The archaeological attraction is located in a landscape of special natural beauty.

At the entrance of the village, visitors enter the park of the grove, where the statue of Aristotle is located, as well as many above-ground monuments, such as towers (one of the 16th century), public baths, and the tavern of Madem Aga, from the Iron Age. The central church is dedicated to the Genesis of the Virgin Mary and dates from 1814.

The most important archeological site of Halkidiki presents samples of the early classical fortification, the walled citadel, the main water pipeline, and the reservoir, while there are sections of stone-built Hellenistic houses and archaic buildings. The sanctuary of the goddess Dimitra, the market, the gallery of classical times, the cobbled street, and the Byzantine tower, was built on the former arched building. And, of course, the tomb of Aristotle, the symbol of the history of the city, since its foundation in 655 BC. and its destruction by Philip II, the reconstruction at the request of Aristotle to this day and through the centuries.


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