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Taxiarchis is built in the center of the Holomontas massif, at an altitude of 670 meters, where all the mountain roads meet. In the traditional village named after the Archangel Michael, one arrives by crossing a path in the mountains, among the dense forest of firs and pines.  

The traditional houses and the old mansions, preserved buildings that are samples of the local architecture scattered in the village, the stone-built central square, Hani, the Church of the Archangel Michael, and the various chapels in and around the village compose a topography of maximum beauty. Drowned in the vegetation, Taxiarchis is an ideal destination for agritourism and hiking on the enchanting paths of Holomontas. A unique experience is horseback riding, with horses from the farms of the area, while the rocky road allows amazing mountain bike tours.

Taxiarchis is also known as "the village of Christmas", as 75% of the production of Christmas trees comes from there. A large number of residents are engaged in the cultivation of firs, which are products of cultivation and not the removal of trees from the forest of the area. As the growers typically say, "for every fir that is sold, two are planted".




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