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Arnea is a "different" village of Halkidiki that combines tradition and authenticity with beautiful cobblestones, picturesque courtyards, and restored houses. Away from the beaches, beach bars, and tourists, at 600 meters on Holomontas, Arnaia has an enigmatic charm keeping its traditional character and preserving even today samples of an old local community in terms of its architectural style.

The settlement is old, without an urban plan and densely built. According to tradition, the inhabitants who returned to the city after its destruction by the Turks began to rebuild the settlement around the squares. The city is built amphitheatrically, with the houses very close to each other to be protected from the wind and kept warm in winter. The traditional houses of Arnaia were built in the first half of the 19th century and others in the period 1850-1945.

The weaving art is an integral part of the history of Arnaia, and the Weaving Museum is a necessary place to visit, in the traditional two-story stone building of 1870 where it is housed. One of the most beautiful buildings houses the Historical and Folklore Museum of the village, while the Metropolitan Church of Agios Stefanos serves the needs of the faithful and is also a visitable site of historical and archaeological interest, as it is built on important antiquities of invaluable historical value.

The visitor should not forget to taste the famous local products of Arnaia such as honey, wine, and the unique Mountovina, a special honey tsipouro (PDO product).




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