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Nea Kallikratia

The first stop on the road to the Halkidiki peninsula is the seaside town of Nea Kallikratia. It was built after the catastrophe of 1922, by inhabitants mainly of Kallikratia of Propontida, who found this part of Macedonia similar to their homeland. The village grew over the decades, while the inhabitants were mainly engaged in agriculture, stock-farming, and fishing, becoming today a remarkable tourist resort, keeping its unique identity. The people of Kallikratia have managed to organize the various forms of tourist activity, maintaining their place as a fishing center, and continuing to exploit the land that had welcomed them a century ago.

Throughout the town and along the coast there are beaches, with fine sand and crystal-clear blue waters - an ideal introduction for visitors to the magical world of Halkidiki that waits to be discovered - although the geographical shape of the coast can characterize the whole beach of Kallikratia as an undivided beach and one of the largest in the area. As a resort, Kallikratia offers a wide range of accommodation options, with hotel units and rooms for rent of all categories, as well as countless dining spots, by the sea, in the center, and in almost all the straits that intersect the roads leading to the sea. It’s an ideal place to taste freshly caught fish, with fresh vegetables and ingredients produced by its inhabitants.

Nea Kallikratia has about 7,500 inhabitants (2011 census) and is about 40 km from the center of Thessaloniki (30 from the airport), which makes it a very popular destination for one-day getaways from the city. Cruises to Mount Athos start from its port, while the famous Petralona Cave is nearby. It can be the starting point followed by excursions to the next paradises of Halkidiki, although visitors who will get to know it will hardly find something missing from the experience of peaceful holidays that it offers.




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