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Step of the Apostle Paul

In the center of Veria near Orologiou Square, is the pilgrimage monument known as "Step of the Apostle Paul". There, it is considered that Apostle Paul, on his tour between 50 and 60 AD. on his way to Veria from Thessaloniki, preached Christianity to the people. In the area, there are three beautiful mosaics, while the statue of "Apostle of the Nations" was recently placed.

The Roman tablets of the 1st century, on which Apostle Paul stood, that is, he ascended the "step" addressed to the people of Veria, are still preserved. The monument, the oldest Christian monument in the city and one of the oldest Christian places of Christian teaching in the world, attracts numerous visitors every day, especially in June, when the "Pavlia" is organized in honor of Apostle Paul's spiritual work. The festivities culminate on June 29, the feast day of the Apostle Paul.


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