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Naoussa Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, or simply “The Clock” as the locals commonly call it, is a symbol of Naoussa since 1895, erected in the city center. The building is a donation of the industrialist Georgios Kyrtsis and is about 22 meters long, along with its small dome. Inside there is a wooden staircase to access the mechanism and then a metal staircase that reaches the bell, which was meant to inform the residents, as the time it was built was the only way for someone to tell the time.

The Tower has a hexagonal plan and is built of stone, divided into four symmetric levels. The original mechanism of the clock, by the English house J. Smith & Sons, survives to this day, moving on three clockwise disks at the same time. The famous monument from the last years of the Ottoman period of the city is located next to the City Hall of Naoussa.

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