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History and Folklore Museum of Naoussa

The Historical and Folklore Museum of the Municipality of Naoussa is housed in one of the oldest mansions of the city, built-in 1842 and restored in 1996, at 10 Agiou Dimitriou Street. Its rich collection includes exhibits from the daily life of Naoussa through the centuries, historical heirlooms, and items from military operations in the area. The Museum was founded in 1959 as the "War Museum of Naoussa", presenting weapons and military exhibits. In 1967 it was donated to the Lyceum of Greek Women of the city, renamed the "Folklore Museum of the Lyceum of Hellenic Women of Naoussa" and collected objects from the local community. It was bought by the Municipality of Naoussa in 1989 and settled in 1999 in its current location, continuing to preserve the relics of the city and highlight the tradition and history to its visitors.

The collection exhibits Naoussa and its people during the previous centuries through everyday life, textiles, costumes, jewelry, customs, wooden, clay, and bronze household items are presented, starting the tour from the traditional loom on the ground floor, a symbol of the great flourishing of the city's industry. Inside the halls, visitors know objects of great historical value, meeting the Revolution of 1821, the Macedonian Games and the warlords, the warriors, their uniforms, and equipment.


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