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Monastery of the Virgin Kallipetra

The Holy Monastery of Panagia Kallipetra is built on the slopes of Vermi, next to Aliakmonas. It is part of the Skete of Veria, which in Byzantine and Ottoman times numbered dozens of monasteries and was designated as "Small Mount Athos". It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is called "Kallipetra", meaning "beautiful stone", from the large rock located at the site.

References to the existence of the Monastery exist from the 11th century and during its operation over the centuries, it hosted a multitude of Saints. It was destroyed in 1433, 1770, and 1822 by the Ottomans and during the Macedonian Struggle due to the support, it provided to the Macedonian Warriors. It was also set on fire in 1941 by a local shepherd. Despite the disasters, the male monastery continues its millennial spiritual work today. A special relic is the icon of the Virgin Kallipetritissa, a work of the 17th century. In the ossuary of the Monastery are the remains of 120 fathers and it can be visited daily, giving pilgrims an excellent view of Aliakmonas and the wonderful, verdant area. The Monastery is celebrated on September 8, the Birthday of the Virgin.


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