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National Education Museum Christos Tsolakis

The National Education Museum “Christos Tsolakis” in Veria is a unique museum that preserves the educational memory of the last two centuries. The education of the Greeks is presented and revived in its premises, through exhibits that relate to school life, books, educational instruments, classrooms, and in general the activities within the school community.

The excellent and rich collection of readers from the 19th to the end of the 20th century provides very important information and transports visitors to the desks of past years. The Museum has an up-to-date collection of books on Religion, History, a large collection of educational, religious, political, literary, and other books, photographs of school life, professional tools of various specialties, stuffed birds, phytology, maps, surveillance media, and its folklore and historical treasure, especially for the younger ones who are unable to imagine an educational function without the modern means, but also for the older ones, who will be immersed in their student years and those of the parents, grandparents, and storytellers, who only in art had met as references. Impressive is the representation of the old schoolroom, with the teacher, the students dressed in aprons, the old desks, and the blackboard. The Museum is in Agia Varvara, just outside Veria.


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