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Lappeio High School Naoussa

"Lappeio" High School of Naoussa is the oldest secondary school in the city and at the same time an architectural monument of the early 20th century. Built-in 1922, following a financial donation from Konstantinos and Georgios Lappas in memory of their two brothers, it continues to this day, a century later, its educational function, hosting the 1st High School of Naoussa. It is located across from Panagia Square, at 14 Timiou Prodromou Street.

Carved stone and wood were used for its construction, in designs by the famous architect Xenophon Paionidis, who had been hired by the Lappa brothers to complete the building, overcoming bureaucratic delays. Despite future interventions and additions, the building remains imposing, and monumental, enclosing in its rooms the voices, the personal stories, and the achievements of the people of Naoussa who passed through its desks in the hundred years of educational history.

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