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Goumenissa Two Rivers

An enchanting natural environment, in the place where the two tributaries unite and name the place “Two Rivers”, crossing the mountain and creating beautiful designs. Just two kilometers from Goumenissa, the paradise with the crystal clear, icy waters, the small waterfalls that form on their way between the relief of Paiko, the ponds, to the natural pool with the stone bank.

The human interventions are perfectly compatible and are made concerning the wooded area: Wooden bridges that connect the banks and pass through the branches of oak and plane trees, benches for rest, and, picnic tables, in harmony with the green that breaks its monotony from the wildflowers and the leaves when the seasons change with the electric sound of the waters that fall from small heights rushing. It is an ideal destination for day trips from Thessaloniki, at 70 km, it is also a must-see landscape for those who visit Goumenissa or the surrounding areas, for hiking, rejuvenation, or just to breathe the fresh air that Paionia offer.




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