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Inter-Allied Monument of Polykastro

At the 60th kilometer of the new National Road Thessaloniki-Evzonon, in an area of ​​14 acres, a monument was erected in 1976 for the victims of the First World War in the military operations in the area. The 40,000 fallen and the approximately 100,000 wounded, disabled, and missing soldiers of the allied countries are honored with a charming monument, five-sided to symbolize the five Entente countries.

During the period of operations, each country honors their prime ministers with busts, which on each side there is a common inscription in each corresponding language "To the children of France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, and Serbia, who are faithful to the requirements of their ancestors, fought in these places and fell for freedom and world peace ". At the "Allied Monument of Polykastro", which is well-preserved and well-kept, a memorial service is organized on the last Sunday of each September.




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