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Agios Georgios Church in Goumenissa

The Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios in the center of Goumenissa was built in 1864 and the five years of construction, until 1869, the inhabitants of the city contributed financially and with their work. This is an impressive Church, one of the most majestic in Central Macedonia, built to the standards of Agios Minas of Thessaloniki and the Patriarchal Church of Agios Georgios of Constantinople. Until the liberation of the city, in 1912, it played an important spiritual and supportive role in the life of the Christians in the area and until 1991 it was a parish church when it was transformed into a Diocese and designated as a monument. The church belongs to the type of three-aisled wooden-roofed basilica with arcades and a gallery on three sides. The floor plan is characterized by symmetry, and regularity, but also the functionality. Colonnades divide the main church into three aisles, with seven columns each. The marble, high iconostasis reaches to the ceiling and is impressive in the huge space, while the hagiography also contains images of 1825. Externally, the square tower built in 1930 houses the bell tower.




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