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Monastery of Agios Raphael, Nicholas, and Agia Irene

The Holy Monastery of Saints Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene was founded in 1992 on the slopes of Paiko. It was built at an altitude of 600 meters, above the valley of Axios, near the village of Griva in Kilkis, and at 7 kilometers from Goumenissa. It is dedicated to the three new Witnesses, who were killed in Thermi, Lesvos in 1463 because of their beliefs.

The Katholikon combines Mount Athos architecture with Constantinople elements and has an imposing appearance, with colorful domes perched on the mountain. In the Monastery are kept Holy Relics of Saints Raphael, Nicholas, and Irene, of Saint Mary Magdalene the Myrrh-Bearer, and a small piece of Holy Wood. The Monastery celebrates Easter Tuesday.




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