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Doirani Memorial

The British Monument of Doirani was erected in 1926 on a hill above the lake to commemorate the British casualties during World War I in the region. It is located near the border and the settlement of Doirani and is known as the "Obelisk Hill" or "Colonial Hill" - the locals simply call it "Lions", due to the lion sculptures that characterize the monument. The obelisk rises in the middle and four columns have been placed around the perimeter with the names of the fallen. The monument honors the 418 officers and 10,282 hoplites of the British Commonwealth who lost their lives fighting on the Greek and Serbian fronts in the period 1915-1918, as well as the 1,979 missing in battle. It was designed by Scotsman Sir Robert Lorimer, while the sculptures were created by the Englishman Walter Gilbert.




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