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Panagia Axion Estin Church

In the center of Axioupolis, the glorious Holy Church of Panagia "Axion Esti" has been operating since 2003. It is a unique ecclesiastical attraction, due to its imposing architecture, designed by architect Alkis Raptis, but mainly for its very special mural, which covers the interior of the church. The church attracts visitors beyond pilgrimage grounds, to view and examine the famous, extensive murals.

The work of Konstantinos Vafiadis, the hagiographer-Byzantine scholar who painted the inner surface of the Temple, goes beyond the usual ecclesiastical hagiography. During the seven years it took to complete the project, he painted a total area of ​​1,500 square meters, with 250 representations, presenting a rare ecclesiastical illustration, both for the richness of the subjects and the depiction of the figures, and to involve people outside of church life and incorporate them into illustrations. The visit to the Temple offers, in addition to its spiritual and religious aspect, an intense artistic experience.




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