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At an altitude of 800 meters in Paiko, "hidden" by the vegetation as if fortified by nature, Kastaneri is a mountainous destination just 10 kilometers from Goumenissa. The village, with a history of three centuries, stands out for the traditional architecture of its houses, the stunning view of the valley of Axios and the plain of Thessaloniki, but also the green paths between fountains, beeches, and the largest chestnut forest in Greece, which also gives Kastaneri its the name. The settlement is built of stone and wood, referring architecturally to Zagorochori. With its old name until 1926, "Barovitsa" had initially hosted mainly stock farmers and lumbermen, while today it has about 400 inhabitants. A wonderful road starts from the settlement, of about 14 kilometers, that crosses Paiko and reaches Megala Livadia and from there to Archangelos Pella, which is worth crossing even by car.




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