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Artificial Mine Lake

In the largest forest in Greece, on Mount Paiko, the artificial Mine Lake is located, which is known both for its natural beauty and its historicity. It is an artificial lake with a length of two kilometers and a maximum depth of 35 meters. It was created after the construction of a dam on the river Mega Rema, a tributary of Axios.

The lake is ideal for trout fishing, rest, and nature activities, as also canoeing sports. The landscape is characterized by beautiful forests and natural beauty, while forest roads provide access and tour. The forest paths around the lake are thrilling, as the landscape is constantly changing as you walk along the shore.

The forest has several deciduous trees, so autumn is the most spectacular season for the visitor. In many places, there are streams overgrown with plane trees and running water. There are areas for picnic and relaxation for the travelers, who can admire the view of the lake from above and see the small church of Agios Nikolaos climbing the stairs to the hill.

During World War II, there were metal mines in the area, built by the French. Some of the holes in the mines that have not been buried underwater can still be seen from the road to the artificial lake.

A hidden treasure of the route is the "emerald lake", a pond with a blue-green color due to the fossil microorganisms that are at the bottom. A rope with knots hung on a tree, awaits the adventurous who will want to enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters.




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