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Archaeological Museum of Kilkis

The Kilkis Archaeological Museum is operating for half a century in the city center and hosts findings of the area from prehistoric times to Roman times. In its three rooms are exhibited objects found in systematic excavations and several findings donated by individuals.

In the vestibule, the prehistoric period is presented through the findings from the excavations in Tsaousitsa and Axiochori, as well as objects found by chance in Pedino, Galliko, and Axioupolis. The visitor can admire bronze jewelry of the early Iron Age, such as bracelets, rings, and especially wristbands, and amulets with a wide variety of shapes and representations.

In the second room the burial findings from the cemetery of the archeological site in Paleo Gynaikokastro, are exhibited with urns, weapons, and jewelry. The third room has exhibits from Hellenistic and Roman times, presenting daily life in ancient Europe and the Palatian. The "star" of the room (but also of the whole Museum) is the Kouros of Europe, the only kouros found in Northern Greece, made of Cycladic marble.


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