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Military Museum of the Balkan Wars Kilkis

The Military Museum of the Balkan Wars of Kilkis is located just outside the city, at its southwestern end. It is housed in a ground-floor building, at the top of the pine-covered Hill of the Hero of the Battle of Kilkis, at an altitude of 280 meters. The main purpose of the War Museum is to present the Battle of Kilkis, one of the deadliest conflicts of the Second Balkan War, which led in June 1913 to the liberation of the city from the Bulgarian occupation.

The report presents in sections the details of the military operation. In the three rooms of the building, visitors are transported through an audiovisual projection system on the battlefield, observing the historical relics of the area, the uniforms, the armament, and the war material, while one can consult the collected historical bibliography. Part of the Museum is the main monument and the busts of the heroes on the way up the hill.




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