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Balkan Botanical Garden

The Balkan Botanical Garden of Kroussia is in Pontokerasia of Kilkis, 70 km from Thessaloniki, in a deciduous oak forest of Mavrovounio, of the mountain range of Kroussia, at an altitude of 600 meters. It grows on 310 acres, of which 150 are covered with natural oak forest, which maintains native populations of hundreds of plant species and subspecies, including remarkable populations of at least 8 different species of orchids. In the remaining 160 acres, species of the Greek flora are preserved, including rare and endemic species.

The purpose of the development of the Balkan Botanical Garden was, among other things, the protection of natural ecosystems that include the five main vegetation zones of Greece. In the Garden,  the right conditions were created for the growth, classification, and study of plants that exist only in the Balkans. The cultivation of various kinds of aromatic and medicinal plants of the Balkan flora is also important.

The visitor has the opportunity to admire and enjoy Macedonian nature in an environment surrounded by native plants, but also by waterfalls, artificial lakes, landscaped paths, streams, observatories, and natural meadows. In the botanical garden, you will find plants that bloom all year round. More and more plants bloom at the end of the winder, culminating in late spring. Discover the plants through a variety of hiking trails that include rock gardens, medicinal and aromatic gardens, waterfalls, small lakes, streams, landscaped trails, meadows, and woodlands. Βoards provide you with information and reveal plant secrets. The benches, the fountains, the kiosks, the observatory, and the fireplace of the meeting area, offer the possibility of rest, recreation, and meditation




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