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Museum of the first World War and the Battle of Skra

 In the village of Skra, 24 km from Kilkis, on the Greek-Bulgarian border, the Museum of the First World War and Battle of Skra has been operating since 2002. It houses exhibits of the deadly and enormous military significance of the battle that took place at the top of Scra di Legen in May 1918 and its purpose is to preserve the historical memory and to pay tribute to the fallen of the multi-day battle, where 2,800 Greeks had lost their lives.

The Museum has rich photographic material from the moments of conflict, military equipment, weapons, uniforms, helmets, medals, and various heirlooms from the military forces involved (Greece, France, Great Britain, Serbia, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany). Relevant paintings and lithographs are also on display. In the surrounding area, there are still abandoned machine guns and scattered remnants of the battle, while at the entrance of the village there is a Monument of the Fallen.




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