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Folklore Museum of Goumenissa

The Folklore Museum in Goumenissa houses rare traditional treasures from life in the town of Kilkis and the surrounding areas. It is also known as the "Alevra Folklore Museum", by the Alevras couple who founded the Museum, donating their private collection that was the core of the exhibition. Additionally, the great feedback of the residents helped to expand the collection and today the family mansion, hosted by the Museum, presents everyday life through time thanks to the numerous objects that it has and covers every aspect of the folklore of the place.

Visitors, admire gold and silver embroidered costumes, clothes of everyday life or official events, men and women, with bright colors, various designs, with costumes from the region and from all over Macedonia, but also Thracian and Sarakatsani. Silk scarves, wedding dresses, embroidery, grooming tools, furniture and small furniture, utensils and professional tools of other times, rare images and documents, in a catalog that the collection never stops growing and sends you on a magical journey through time, in times where things were so different but also so close thanks to the stories of the grandparents who experienced them. And the Museum of Goumenissa, at 18 Kakavou Street, is a great narrator for the lucky ones who visit it.




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