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Stone Fountain “Salats”

For someone who does not know its history, it may be an ordinary trough, which you find on the eastern ring road of Kilkis, on the outskirts of the city. But the picturesque, imposing fountain, made of carved stones, with the large cistern, quenched the thirst of the inhabitants and the living of the area for more than two hundred years, as it was built in 1821. Apart from its practical role, it is one of the few monuments of the Ottoman period of Kilkis.

The "Fountain of Salat" provided water to the people of Kilkis from the 19th century, fulfilled the watering needs of animals, helped with the utensils, carts, and later car wash and its source was a meeting place and social gathering. In the hot weather, it offered coolness and it was common for children to splash in its waters, which turned them into a swimming pool. In the fountain is placed an inscribed marble plaque from its construction, which tells its building year.




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