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Museum of Agricultural and Cultural Heritage of Europe

The visitor of Europe, a town of Kilkis, 58 km from Thessaloniki, meets a special folklore museum. The Museum of Agricultural and Cultural Heritage collects and presents, with the help of the residents who donated them to assist in the reconstruction of the recent past of the area, heirlooms, and objects from the daily life of previous generations. The collection has been housed since 2009 in the building of the old Primary School of Europe, which was built in 1928 and renovated in 2000.

The key is the presentation of the agricultural tools that were used in the crops from 1900 to 1970. The evolution and improvement of the tools over time helps to understand the life and the efforts made by the grandparents of the inhabitants for works that are done today, easier and, faster with the rapid development of technology and comparisons with the previous century are of great interest, especially to young visitors.

Impressive is the weaving room with the loom and all its accessories, while the many exhibitions include objects and information about lost professions, the customs, the delicacies, the costumes of the place, the daily life of the old inhabitants and in general its history. Europe and the surrounding area.




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