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Church of Agios Athanasios in Griva

The Church of Agios Athanasios in Griva of Kilkis, located 70 kilometers northwest of Thessaloniki, is a significant attraction due to its religious and architectural character. The church is a three-aisled wooden-roofed basilica, built in 1801, with a significant iconostasis and wall paintings, which classify it as a "historic preserved monument." The original construction has been expanded in various periods up to the present day, preserving the frescoes on the women's side of the church.

Its location on the wooded slopes of Mount Paiko, the view it offers, along with the entire settlement of Griva, and the exceptional care given to the building and its surroundings, make it a highly popular destination for visitors of the mountain and the nearby town of Goumenissa, which is only five kilometers away. It is located at the eastern exit of Griva and, together with the school, was the only building that survived when the village was set on fire by the Ottomans in 1912.




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