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Doirani British Military Cemetery

Near the shores of Doirani, in a beautiful natural environment overlooking the lake, are buried the British victims of the battles of the area during the First World War. In the British Military Cemetery in Doirani 1,338 soldiers and officers rest, from countries of the British Commonwealth, mainly members of the 22nd and 26th Divisions, as well as 45 Greeks and 1 Frenchman. Its original name was "Colonial Hill Cemetery No.2".

The cemetery is a neat, elegant space and is kept clean, and in excellent condition. It is permanently visitable, south of the settlement of Doirani and a short distance from the impressive Monument of the battle of the same name. It was created for the burials of those killed in the battles of Doirani at the end of 1916, but the ongoing military conflicts between the Greeks and the British against the Bulgarians during the First World War created new needs for burials, both in April and May 1917. in the last months of 1918.




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