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Natural History Museum of Axioupolis

The Natural History Museum of Axioupolis maintains and presents several collections related to the natural wealth of the area. Through five thematic units (Botany, Fauna, Geology, Paleontology, Rocks & Mineralogy), visitors connect with the environmental elements of Paiko, Belles, Lake Kerkini, all the life forms of this enchanting region of Central Macedonia the two facing mountains, and the people who live in their shadow, on the shores of the lake and the fertile land of the rivers and tributaries that feed it. From the representations of rare mammals, rodents, and birds to the collections of butterflies and from the presentation of the geological phenomena that created the earth as we know it today as invertebrates, from the first plants to the collection of about 2500 specimens and giant reptiles as the appearance of man, the collection introduces visitors to both a general context of environmental awareness and the natural treasures of the area. The collection of rocks and minerals, from Greece and abroad, is also important, with a classification that allows the understanding of their origin and creation.




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