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Hilia Dentra-Mouries Forest

The Mouries Forest or Hilia Dentra which translates to “Thousand Trees” is four kilometers long north of Lake Doirani and near the settlement of Mouries. Far from the shore of the lake, where the soil is heavier in silt and clay and less wet, grows the "Watery Forest of Mouries".

A rare forest in a verdant area of ​​about 600 acres, with oak trees as the main elements, creates a dreamy and special setting. It is located between pastures and agricultural lands, a remnant of a larger in the past, mixed alluvial forest with oaks, alders, and ferns, a place of great importance for the fauna of the area and a very important station during the migration of birds. With the nickname "Thousand Trees" it has been declared a Preserved Monument of Nature.

The incomparable natural landscape fascinates anyone lucky enough to see it up close. Nearby from the forest, the culmination of the natural beauty of the area is the village of Mouries, one of the most organized in the area. A little above the village you will find the seasonal waterfall of Mouries, but not during the summer months.




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