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Kilkis Folklore Museum

The Folklore Museum of Kilkis has been operating since 2010 in the restored building of the "Old High School", at 2 Tsounta Street. In the premises of the neoclassical building that once hosted a Bulgarian Primary School and after the liberation, until 1980, a Greek school and a Girls' High School, evidence of the daily life of ancient times in Kilkis is presented. Tradition, professions, habits, and customs, through heirlooms, objects that were once an integral part of households and professionals and create a representation for the eyes of visitors who come in contact with the past of previous generations.

The original "yeast" of the Museum was the private collection of Christos Ketsetzis, who had collected a large number of objects of historical and folklore value and exhibited them himself in space on Kilkis Hill. After the purchase of the collection by the Municipality of Kilkis, its recording, maintenance, and evaluation as well as its enrichment with the addition of other donations, the Museum presents to the public of the city and its visitors the traditional, folklore treasure of Kilkis.




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