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Monument of the Fallen at the Battle of Skra

The Battle of Skra (or "Battle of Scra di Legen", from the eponymous peak) was one of the most important victories of the Greek army during World War I. The recapture of the area by the Bulgarians, on May 17, 1918, and in just an hour and a half despite the difficulty of the operation, played a very strong role in the aftermath of the conflict, both in the military and in the psychological field for the opposing forces, but also the outcome of the war on the Macedonian Front.

At the entrance of the village of Skra, near the border of Greece with Northern Macedonia, a monument has been erected in memory of the fallen of the battle, which ended with 502 dead for the Greek forces. The 26 officers and 476 hoplites of the "Archipelago Division" and the 1st Regiment of Serres who lost their lives are honored, while next to the monument there is a bust of Major Vassilis Papagiannis, the highest-ranking officer who was lost in battle. A short distance, inside the settlement, is the Museum of the First World War and the Battle of Skra.




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