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"Ago-Popov" Twin Tobacco Warehouses

The two large, elongated buildings in the center of Kilkis, the "Twin Tobacco Warehouses" on Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, are a single architectural monument with a rich history. They were built around 1900 and functioned as tobacco warehouses until 1913, as after the liberation of the city they were used for different purposes. They hosted the first refugees who arrived in the city from Stromnitsa as well as the next waves of refugees, before being given, in 1922, to the Greek army.

Since then, they have functioned as barracks, and prisons, housed homeless people in times of tension, and until the 1990s as a military base. Also known as "Tobacco Warehouses Ago - Popov", since 1997 they have been characterized as preserved monuments, as "they are important samples of special architecture with remarkable morphological elements that are evidence of the economic life of the city at the end of the last century". The two buildings, two-story and three-story respectively, had open spaces for the storage and processing of tobacco in the area and today remain imposing, witnessing the historical events that shook the city throughout the 20th century.




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