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Doirani Museum of Natural History

The Doirani Museum of Natural History is in the homonymous settlement, on the shores of the lake, near the border of Greece with Northern Macedonia. It was created by the Municipality of Doirani, in collaboration with the Goulandris Museum and the Hellenic Center for Habitats and Wetlands. It has a permanent exhibition and in its thematic sections is presented the rich and rare flora and fauna of the lake area, but also the interaction of the natural environment with humans.

The Museum is housed in a building created especially for the exhibition, with traditional architectural elements on the outside and a modern layout on the inside. Visitors will connect with the plants, the birds, and the maps of the wetlands and will be allowed to examine old fishing tools, abysses, nets, and the typical boat without keel of the fishermen of the lake, the "plava", which is exhibited in the basement.




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