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Folklore Museum of Mikrokampos

An old building that was repaired and the love for the place and its history was enough to create the Folklore Museum in Mikrokampos of Kilkis. The “Nostalgia from yesterday” as the Vezertzi couple named the collection with the valuable objects-narrators of stories and lives of previous generations are exhibited since 2010 organized, classified, and free of charge for visitors.

The Bread making, the cuisine of other times with its utensils, the tools of cultivation, sowing and threshing, the weaving with the loom and the sewing machines, photographs, small furniture and old appliances-forerunners of today's technological wonders, heirlooms of traditional professions which have been lost, outdated by the era and the evolution of modern civilization.

In the relatively small space of the Museum, its creators managed to fit all the past everyday life, toil, and customs of the area, traveling old and young people through time to revive old times and to visualize stories and readings.




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