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Folklore Museum of Gorgopi Kilkis

The Folklore Exhibition in Gorgopi of Kilkis, located between Axioupolis and Goumenissa, started its operation in 2002. It was the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Axioupolis and the Cultural Association "Nei Peones" and the objects were collected with the efforts and donations of the locals. The purpose of the Museum is the preservation and promotion of the folklore elements of Gorgopi, through the treasure of memory that it preserves. The Museum presents the life of the inhabitants during the 20th century, with special characteristics from the objects brought by the refugees from Pontus, Thrace, and Asia Minor.

Visitors ponder and perceive the daily life of the people of the place through objects of household use, traditional occupations and works, small furniture, carpets, the beautiful cart, the loom, fabrics, knitwear, costumes, and all those elements that travel him in time, in lives of previous generations that older ones will recognize as part of their childhood.




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