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Hill of the Monument of the Battle of Kilkis

The Hill of the Monument of the Battle of Kilkis or "Hill of Sacrifice", apart from a beautiful natural landscape just before the entrance of the city, is a tribute to the victims of the battle of the same name in 1913. Already on the way up, there are busts of Heroes of the Battle of Kilkis-Lahana. A battle in which about 8,500 Greek officers and soldier lost their lives, and led to the liberation of the city, as well as the subsequent advance of the Greek army to the present border. At the top of the hill, at an altitude of 280 meters, a majestic monument has been erected which was inaugurated by Eleftherios Venizelos in 1928.

The site offers a tribute to those who fought in one of the deadliest battles in modern history, recording the names of well-known victims. In the center of the precinct, there is the central marble monument, an artistic composition facing the city of Kilkis at a height of about four meters, while the loot of the battle, cannons, and the ossuary of the fallen have been placed around the perimeter. A short distance away, in the same area, the Military Museum of the Balkan Wars of Kilkis has been operating since 1966.




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