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Lake Doirani

Lake Doirani is in the northern part of the Regional Unit of Kilkis and is a natural border between Greece and Northern Macedonia, with which it shares the water area. The eastern side of the lake belongs to Greece. It is in the eastern part of the homonymous valley, which is formed at the southern foot of Mount Belles and an altitude of 150 meters.

The crystal-clear waters with their thermal properties are suitable for swimming in summer and fishing all year round, while it reflects the mountain range of Belles that surrounds it. The main source of the water supply of the lake is the small streams that end in it. Much of the area is a protected Natura 2000 habitat.

Everyone who visits Doirani will feel the peace of the place and will enjoy the enchanting sunset, with the waters of the lake blushing as the sun "sinks" inside them. Visitors will experience the unique coastal route from the settlement of Doirani to the Thousand Trees, the "Monument of Nature" with its age-old oaks. Visitors can go up the slopes of Belles, looking for the waterfall. The eagles’ nests and the footprints of the wild boars. 

In the summer visitors can surf and row on the lake, play beach volleyball and football in the sand, and attend the events "DOIRANEION", "MOURIOTIKON" or theatrical performances at the Drosatos Forest Theater. The beach of the lake is planted with trees and there are playgrounds, basketball, volleyball, football, and other facilities for guests. In the taverns of the area, one will taste the fresh carp and the local meat. In the village of Doirani, on the shore of the lake, visitors can find fishing facilities all year round.




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