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Chrysalis Silk Industry

In the 1930s Goumenissa was already famous for its silk. The main processing point of the production was the Silk Industry "Chrysalis", whose building, built-in 1928-1930, survives to this day, a century later. Inside there are still the tools and machines that made the famous silk of Goumenissa.

 The silk factory employed around 450 women workers in the 1930s and a small number of male workers was temporarily stopped during the Occupation. In the 1970s the unit operated with a workforce of over 250 people, mostly women. From the end of the 1970s until 1981, it operated seasonally, while in 1988 its operation was permanently stopped.

The building of the "Chrysalis" industry, where the local production of sericulture was concentrated, ie the process followed to produce the "silver" silkworm thread for its use in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, and textiles, may not produces silk as it used to, but it can tell, as a monument, the story of the people who worked and there, in a "golden" (or silver) period that began about a hundred years ago. The building is designated as a "historic monument".




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