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Archaeological site of Europos

Europos is one of the most important, from an archaeological point of view, sites in the region of Kilkis, with findings from prehistoric times. It is mainly known for the discovery of the famous archaic statue of Kouros,(650 BC) in life-size (height 1.80 m.), of Cycladic style, with the statue being the only one discovered in northern Greece, kept in the archaeological museum of Kilkis. This finding confirms the early commercial and socio-economic relations of Europos with the other cities, as the statue was made in the Cyclades, as evidenced by the style and the origin of the materials. Also, important finds in the area are the gold bracelet of the box-shaped tomb and the gold wreath kept in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki.

The ancient city of Europos, home of Seleucus, general of Alexander the Great and founder of the Seleucid dynasty, is located about a kilometer southwest of the current village, on the hill range of the area. Important burial monuments of the late Roman period have been unearthed there, which have been formed and the site is now open to the public. The city has been continuously inhabited from the 6th century BC. century until the end of antiquity. The ancient city of Europos belonged to the cities of Lower Macedonia. The excavation began in 1989 and revealed part of the necropolis of Europos, one of the most developed and fortified cities of Vottiea.

Most of the tombs are empty, ie they have no "prices". There are also endowed with pottery, weapons, tools, figurines, jewelry, and coins, and burial customs same as in the rest of Macedonia. There is more information about the Roman era and the early Christian years. Excavations at the citadel revealed a small part of the urban planning and even in the time of its desolation and abandonment, around the 6th century BC.




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