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British military cemetery of Polykastro

The British Military Cemetery in Polykastro, a well-preserved site of remembrance and dedication to the dead allies of World War I, was created and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, designed by Robert Gorimer. More precisely, it is the burial place of the people who were lost in the battles of the First World War originating from the countries of the British Commonwealth.

The cemetery is the last residence of 1421 British soldiers, as well as 18 of their allies. According to its inscription, "the land where this cemetery lies is a tribute of gratitude of the Greek people to the eternal rest of the glorious fallen fighters of the allied armies during the war of 1914-1918. Honor and Glory to them. Their Name Lively For Evermore ».

The area is surrounded by dense vegetation, while the tombs are preserved and cared for. With historical memories that are now more than a century old, the Cemetery, like the other military-war monuments of the area, is offered for meditation and study.




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