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Goumenissa at the foot of Paiko, in the center of Ancient Paeonia and surrounded by wild natural beauty, Goumenissa with its approximately 4,000 inhabitants continues to maintain for centuries an intoxicating atmosphere for the visitor. Famous for a long time for its famous fabrics and silk, it boasts of the mountain vineyards that give the special tsipouro and the wine it produces, of the world-famous brass bands and the parties that accompany it, and the customs that it keeps with its roots in the Macedonian tradition.

A place of historical battles of the First World War, which has left its mark on the monuments in and around the city, but also an area of ​​unique opportunities for walks in the narrow alleys with the preserved, traditional buildings and hiking in Paiko and the refreshing Two rivers just outside the settlement. 40 km from Kilkis and 75 from Thessaloniki, the town of hospitable, revered residents offer unforgettable experiences in its picturesque taverns and each time it seems to be preparing for the next custom that will revive the traditions of the place, will connect with its roots and impress the visitor with the hospitality of the locals.




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